AmeN NoiR has an impressive and extensive background in working with youth, offering a wealth of experience and expertise. The key aspects of his professional experience centre around youth work experience, of which he has over 30 years of working with so-called "hard to reach" or "disaffected" youth. His work in this field has primarily been within London's youth services, including boroughs such as  Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Merton, and others.

Amen NoiR  done extensive work work and interacted with well over 4000 young people, ranging in age from 5 to 24+ years. This diverse range of experiences demonstrates his ability to connect with and support individuals at different stages of their lives.

AmeN NoiR is trained as a Youth Worker, Teacher and a tutor, specializing in facilitating group dynamics and collective responsibilities. Additionally, he is a fully trained mentor, having studied at the Open University, and is currently expanding his skills in counseling.

Currently as a Education Consultant Amen NoiR has created numerous workshop/programmes/packages throughout his career. These programmes combine social awareness exercises with practical life skills training and offering valuable education and personal development.

AmeN NoiR plays a pivotal role as the Lead Co-ordinator of the Educational arm of BKS (Best Kept Secret) and drives the development of creative writing and workshop leadership within the organisation. Creative writing sessions have been a significant part of his work and have reached young people all across the world.

AmeN NoiR holds the position of Managing Director at Vybe Dance Company, which specialises in dance and movement. The company provides platforms for young people to achieve leadership status and become facilitators themselves with a current cohort of approx. 4 tutors now developed through the initiative. The program emphasises teamwork, group dynamics, teaching and coaching styles, as well as dance and movement development. This initiative supports young people's economic stability once they successfully complete the program.

With a wide range of skills and expertise, AmeN NoiR collaborates with external agencies and individuals, strengthening the available options for young people. This collaboration covers various areas, including media literacy and education advisory services.

AmeN NoiR has organised cultural showcases for both youth and adults and provided consultation to groups planning such events. These cultural events often feature artists linked to AmeN, contributing to successful and enriching activities.

Overall, AmeN NoiR's extensive experience, skills, and commitment to youth development and education have made a significant impact on the lives of many young people and the broader community. His work encompasses a wide range of skills, from creative writing and performance to dance and mentorship, all with a focus on personal and social development. 

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