Spoken Word / Performance Poetry

AmeN NoiR is a prominent and multi-talented artist known for his lyrical wizardry and contributions to the world of poetry and performance. He has been a force in the performance scene since 2000, both nationally and internationally. His work is recognized for bringing a fresh perspective to the world of spoken word and poetry, particularly focusing on the African experience.

Here are some key highlights and accomplishments from AmeN NoiR's career:

Background: AmeN NoiR hails from South London, with roots extending to Guyana and ultimately Africa. His diverse background informs his work and brings a unique perspective to his performances.

Collaboration with B.K.S (Best Kept Secret): AmeN NoiR is part of the group B.K.S, which includes members OneNess, Tuggs.t.a.r, and ShakaRa. Together, they have been involved in various performances, including hosting the legendary David Nelson of the Last Poets in October 2003.

International Appearances: In 2005, AmeN NoiR, as part of BKS, appeared alongside the legendary musical activists Dead Prez during the first-ever Black History Week in Norway.

Playwriting and Theatre: AmeN, along with BKS, wrote and produced a short play called ‘Tuggs.t.a.r for President’, ‘The League of Extraordinary Wordsmiths’ and ‘Gangland’. All performances were recorded and produced on DVD and has been requested by various theater production companies to return.

Educator and Mentor: AmeN NoiR has over 40 years of performance experience and is a facilitator at a performing arts school. He has also created a dance and movement company that conducts workshops in schools and colleges in the London region. His mentoring and creative writing workshops aim to engage and inspire young people.

Social and Political Awareness: AmeN NoiR's performances often address social injustices and aim to raise awareness of African/Black struggles and achievements. He uses clever and catchy concepts to convey important messages in his performances.

International Poetry Slam: In 2003, AmeN NoiR was part of the team representing Africans in the UK against those in the US in a Poetry Slam competition. The UK team emerged victorious and toured Birmingham and other national cities.

Performance and Media Appearances: AmeN NoiR has performed in various cities across the world, including Oslo, Toronto, Ottawa, and several cities in the UK. He has also appeared on terrestrial and cable channels and given interviews on prominent radio stations like BBC radio and Choice FM.

Music Production: AmeN NoiR is involved in music production and has produced for other artists in the spoken word scene. He has also created CD covers and artwork layouts.

Album Production: He has written and produced six albums, including "Emotions of the Soul," "Rhythmical Reason," "Still...," "Snapshots of Science," "Snapshots of Science Pt II," and "ICU." AmeN is currently working on his seventh album, scheduled for release in late 2024.

AmeN NoiR is a multi-faceted artist and continues to make significant contributions to the world of spoken word, poetry, and performance. His work reflects a deep commitment to social awareness and artistic expression.