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Social Commentary

of Social Solutions Institute. Addressing the many world social issues affecting our community.

Could someone please define the term “Parental Advisory”? The attack by the Mayor of London on an African Art form called RAP late last week has prompted me to point out a few facts.

One I grew up in USA and have been consulted by many teachers, various agencies, schools, institutions, even Hip Hop journalists worldwide in their quest to understand the African Art form. Living and being affected by the so-called gang culture in UKUSA, I understand that I may be best place to offer clarity on this matter.

Fact, Ppeople of African Heritage affected by slavery and on-going terrorism often speak in code and at times in what some may call intolerant language. Moving away from “I am unhappy with the way I am being treated here” to the more honest expressionresult securing “F*@K that SH!T gon get Right or it’s On!”

vibe. In this understanding I can see why those outside of our existence and experiences may fear or lack the insight to comprehend our music. They can’t READ our CODE.

The terms used, and situations often heard in RAP music, is nothing more thaen codified reporting of the African Diaspora state of affairs and the eaffects of being poorly educated in the UKUSA. This results in many rappersand attempting to replicateing the dominantte culture. Any attacks on So Solid or even on the likes of 50 Cent (whom I dislike, yet understand how he was created) is are attempts call to avoidpretend that the correspondence from the critical issues our people face on the frontlines in the UKUSA. of Global African poverty, mis-education, economic displacement, abuse under the law, state motivated fratricide and the seductive oppression of, in other words our suffering underneath white supremacy have given birth to such Rap Stars doesn’t exist. Theseis attacksction can be confirmed as a vital steps to ensure these real issues areconditions NEVER resolvedchange by removing the reminders of our plight. You cannot cure nor prevent aan illnesscondition if you are unaware of its symptoms and the process of infection.

If the people of African Heritage are unable to unlock the meassages from the only form of real news generated about our affairs good or bad then they have become truly mentally disabled, spiritually disconnected or seek to escape from who they are as African people and therefore Euthanised.

What is needed is for the African community with the support of the Mayor of London and his advisor (if they are truly interested in helping) is to call for the stockholders/CEOs of EMI (UK), Vivendi-Universal (France) and BMG (Germany) who owns the record companies and the majority of the publishing rights to RAP music to FREE our Artist e.g. Poets, Rappers, Singers and Song Writers. Allow them to communicate freely on the matters facing our people and the people of the world if they choose. Give them back their Human Right to the Freedom of Speech!

It is the labels who will not allow them to produce and promote music that will inform, uplift and motivate most people and provide applicable insight into global affairs. Due to this process information is communicated in code and often mis-understood by those who are out of touch with their African counter parts in other parts of the world. It is understood by governments that spoken word can and will stimulate and provide a foundation for people to become freethinkers. Such an event could possibly inspire a challenge to the current power structures that produce, manage, distribute and promote crime and inhumanity for PROFIT., giving way to true democracy.

The majority of the consumers who purchase RAP music, attend concerts and buy the tour jackets are what some may call middle class white kids, however there is not muchh in any gun and knife crime in their communities. This has motivated many social scientists and cultural critics to study the trend and conclude that a 50 Cent CD is nothing more then a conventional audio based safari for many of them to live out their Tarzan type fantasies.

If the Mayor of London, his Advisor or any other politician wish to tell any people in any part of the world at any time that attacking the information provided in the artany form of African Rap Music will stop gun crime in our communities, please know that they are LIARS and do not wish to actually change the conditions our people face worldwide.

Guns and knives don’t kill people, people kill people and people make GUNS & KNIVES for profit!

The key to the code is culturally reflective education in the home and in the schools. It is this process that allows the so-called refined members of society to listen to a form of music that explore what they may call the good and bad of betrayal, incest, adultery, theft, conquest, buggery, rape and murder. What music is this? Opera, yes Opera!

Hmm Hey, Ken here is a good political footballfootball; attack Opera which could be said to inspire imperialism and systematic violence.

Free the People, Free the Land…

G. A. Vision

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